Becoming Sophisticated About Risk

Face Reality and then you can succeed

Taiwan Stock Exchange

The 10% of successful educated traders take their profits from the 90% of uneducated traders. You need to get with the correct percentile group. There are only a very few who are successful at trading and have the skills and desire to want to teach it to others but don’t expect them to give this to you for free. Most of them have spent years learning how to trade successfully and will not just give it away for free. Find someone or someplace that has the reputation and credentials that make sense to you but stop looking for the easy way out, you’re just fooling yourself and wasting your time. So face it, you are going to pay to learn how to trade successfully! You are either going to pay a trusted source or you are going to pay the market. The later is much more expensive and very painful. The real sad part of all this is that if you chose to learn from the market, you will probably lose your money and still not know how to trade.

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