Becoming Sophisticated About Risk

Market Review ÀS

US Market Review
EURUSD Closing: 1.1056, High: 1.1067, Low: 1.0959; XAUUSD C: 1288.40, H: 1291.77, L: 1275.34; CO-LS C: 46.33, H: 47.35, L: 46.20; Dow C: 17939, H: 18126, L: 17856
Wall Street closed lower on Tuesday ahead of US 2016’s election and Federal Reserve Meeting. During the election process, Hillary Clinton kept leading until now, she still lead with 6 points higher than Donald Trump. It was not that small difference, but because of FBI’s investigation on Clinton’s private email case during her role as The Secretary of The State, the gap between them is getting narrow. The election itself will be held on November 8th, 2016, and will become a trigger for either currency or stock market volatility. Oil prices weakened due to OPEC’s uncertainty. Some OPEC members refused to join the curb output’s program. From dollar index, investor will eyed on The Fed for any significant signal related to the interest rate hike on December. However, market expectation for rate hike is 70% so far. 


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